$2,000 for Bugs in My Pizza

It wasn’t even my pizza. It’s not even my money. But you know what? I’m still livid.
My friend who was holding two conversations at one time, paused her phone call to inform me of the baked insect atop the crust of her peperoni pizza. I did not hesitate to pull my phone out and take a picture, but I was stumped on where to post it. If you watch me on Youtube (Blossom the Creativist), you would know that I just made a video poking fun at those who spend money on food when a meal plan is already available to them. But this discovery made me eat my own words.
Mercer’s dining fails to impress me. One day, I see a roach in the cafeteria (which was a bit disgusting and made me rethink why people respected this school, but I got over it because I’ve got roaches in my own house), another day I hear that the workers in the cafe are most likely ex-convicts from a nearby prison (convict-exchnge program? What is this nonsense?), then I see a bug in my friend’s food. All for the price of +$2,000.
And let’s not forget the hours. The dining hall is impractical on the weekends with its intermittent business hours, and it’s even worse on breaks. For instance, take a gander at the schedule for Fall Break weekend.

The Caf (aka Fresh Food Co.) is the only place open on Saturday. If you happen to sleep in because you partied too hard on Friday, and your hangover wakes you up at 1:00, your first meal of the day will be at 5:00.
On that same token, if you are as equally “irresponsible” and don’t check the hours before eating lunch at 5:00, you’ll realize at 8pm that your lunch was actually your dinner because everything is closed.
I’m so fed up with this so-called “top-dollar private school”. Does being a private school mean the best education and the worst living and food conditions? Is that the trade off high school scholars are awared for having the grades and the money to accommodate the needs of the school? Why isn’t the school accomodating our needs in clean eating environments and CLEANER food?
I took the pizza–because my friend lacked the initiative to do so–and showed it to the food clerk to get this problem adressed. Honestly, I’m not that offended with the idea of bugs being hidden in my food. Peanut butter is actually loaded with grinded insect limbs. But the key word is hidden! There was no such attempt with this abomination!

(zoomed in screenshot of the monstrosity)
I hope things get better, but I know they won’t anytime soon. And if they do, I probably won’t even realize it. Who’s to say that this is actually a huge improvement from last year? I don’t know, but I don’t care. This is not much different from my small decrepit kitchen back home that costs a lot less than 2 grand a year. What’s going on, Mercer?

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