Using a Tea Rinse to Stop Shedding

Good afternoon, drain cloggers!

Ok, I know not everyone suffers from having to unclog the drain every wash day, but it’s never too early or too late to learn more ways to minimize that ball of insecurities!

A blog post I found on pinterest supported tea rinses, and at first I was like, ughh, why do black people always do the most to save their hair. But then I read it, saw the pictures and now I’m here to share my testimony.

These are pictures of my sad hair before I found tea. The left is after I detangled and the right after that is after bantu knots about three days later (on stretched hair).

after condioning no teacafter bantu knot

The next two is after finding Jesus using black tea and then detangling (left) and styling.

after conidioning 20151018_000602

Now I know the data is a little biased (is that even the word for it?) because I styled on the same day using tea rinse but not on the other and I didn’t do the same hairstyle either so the pictures might be a little misleading. BUT, I have never lost that little amount of hair (on the right) before!

And come on, is it really that healthy to have THAT much hair fall out for bantu knots n stretched hair?

If you still can’t take my word for it, here’s the article/blog of reference:

Without further ado, here’s what I did:

  1. Steal two sachets of black tea from my school’s cafeteria, and brew 2 cups of tea.
  2. Empty the cups into a spray bottle.
  3. Add a drop of honey (a humectant that STEALS moisture from the air. I always put it in my conditioners. Never feel a difference but didn’t want to switch up during this experiment).
  4. Wait for it to cool or I would’ve burned the heck out of my scalp.
  5. Separate hair into about 6 or 7 sections while the concoction cools.
  6. Liberally spritz the mixture into hair, massaging into scalp.
  7. Twist each section and wash.
  8. Condition.
  9. Style.

Visual learners, anyone?

Why it works.

Black tea’s caffeine hinders the shedding of hair by blocking the hormone that induces shedding, according to the article. Because black tea has more caffeine than coffee, those that are prone to REALLY dry hair should start out with 1 tea bag a week, or even switch to green tea, an alternative with a lower amount of caffeine. I’ve also read some people use tea with no caffeine in it, like marshmallow tea. I didn’t know that exist but if you have it, try it! Also, rosemary tea seems to work wonders too. I just love how there are natural solutions for having healthier health. Popping pills using things like Hairfinity that may or may not work is definitely not what I want to do with my life if there are more natural and CHEAPER alternatives (Hairfinity is about $25 dollars, aka $20 too much).

But let’s we not confuse the two: the black tea rinse is used for length retention, and Hairfinity is used for hair growth, two different ball games.
I may repeat this study to yield more accurate data for you guys, but if I don’t (because I don’t want to revert back to my those clumps in my sink again), just look around. Thousands of naturals are raving about it! Why haven’t you? And if you have, did it work?

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Why I’m Not Majoring in My Passion

Today I decided this would be the day to swallow my pride and find a magic conch so he can tell me what to do with my life. That’s right, I went to a career advisor.
Mind you, I’ve been really hesitant on asking others of their opinion on my life. Because it’s my life.
All my relatives suggest medicine, biology, then all these young folk say, “follow your passion! Don’t listen to your parents!” And well, they don’t have much credibility because, you know, they’re barely halfway through with their lives.
(Side note with bad syntax: Don’t ask friends for career advice. I once asked friends if I should take this Spanish class because I didn’t want to take it because the textbook was $240, and they told me to drop it and later I learned that I need it to graduate. I know that’s not career but come on.)
Anyways, the man was pretty nice. I spilled the beans and told him my emotionally taxing dilemma. But before, let’s back up. I’m an awful person and you guys probably know nothing about me besides my obsession for being healthy.
My parents are your typical:
type of parents. And they have every right to be for me because I’m actually (book) smart (common sense smarts is something else though). Great GPA, great time management skills, test scores good enough for Mercer (but not for Emory), and plus I was well-rounded and did everything except sports in high school. Even though I was one of the top students in my school’s hair-graying medical program, I still don’t want to pursue doctoring. First of all, I sacrificed sleep and sanity getting those grades. Next, I don’t like touching people, and I do believe being a doctor is a very hands-on profession.
Now, my mom suggests that there are many careers in the field that pay well but aren’t touchy feely, like radiology and other nonsense I don’t care for! After getting into a heated argument listing reasons my mother should let me become an entertainer like I planned, she LITERALLY wrote down three medical careers for me on a slip of paper that had nothing to do with physical contact. After researching radiology, anesthesiology, and pharmacy, my mind barfed.
So now you know as much as my career advisor so far. I then told him how I’d thought about becoming a dietician, but how my mom discourarged me from it because dieticians walk around a lot (a huge turn off for me) and don’t make enough money. So back into the pool of undecidedness I went.
The talk made me realize that I didn’t even think much of majoring in the arts at first, and that’s because I don’t want to.The truth is, I realized, is that I don’t want to waste money transforming something I love into a class. I’m in an acapella group with a couple of music majors and just by the way they analyze music and voice, I know I don’t want to follow in their footsteps. Being graded on technique and solo performances and compositions is not what I want to spend money on. I might not have the “right” technique in singing, but I already do solos and I already compose music. Why pay to continue doing it?
So that’s voice, what about if I major in something else art related like piano, you might ask? Same thing: recitals, tests, grades, grades, grades. Music is supposed to be FUN! Fun things are only for a grade when you have a substitute teacher who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing!
 And on top of it, I’ve eaten with a music majors…all they talk about is music.That’s not what I want to talk about for the majority of my life.
You see, I like being undecided. First of all, my classes are pretty easy (besides Spanish because it’s boring), and secondly, I get to speak with anyone I want. I mean of course any one from any major can enjoy the same, but I’m forced to be more open minded. I can hold a conversation with anyone because we’re not just gonna be lame and talk about school/work all day (unless they actually do want to talk about school. Then, I leave). I think that’s how I want my career to be: open, in a way. Open to interpretation. Yes, I want a steady income and stability, but I also want to invest in myself and use my talents to my advantage. And I just don’t think that comes too easy when you’re a doctor. Especially when you don’t want to be a doctor, but still pursuing it. Ever had that rude doctor that cared not to fight for the life of your grandma? That would be me if she’s sneezing everywhere without covering her mouth. Can’t do germs. Or touching people.
To wrap things up, the career talk went okay. Mr. Conch Shell hooked me up with a fellow colleage pursuing dietetics and I’m about to look into food science. I am looking up diatetics and food science and our next appointment is next Tuesday. Yay for trying to discover myself.
Is anyone else also swimming in the pool of undecidedness? Do you have family members pushing their dreams on you? How do you cope? How are you discovering yourself?
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This “healthy yogurt” is practically ice cream.

Hello health nuts.
Don’t you just hate it when you find a good product that you never bought because you were afraid it was expensive but then you get it for free at Chik Fil A and get more than one because it’s free and then eat it and feel good that you fed your body juices of life and then turn it around to see why it’s so good only to see that the thang got about 20 grams of sugar? Guess what also has about 20 grams of sugar.

But thankfully, there are more outstanding diferences between the two so it’s not exactly like eating the ice cream; there’s far more potassium, more protein, and less sodium. And to make things fair, yogurt has some natural sugar from the milk that adds about 7 grams (per six-ounce serving, according to to the total count, apparently. But wouldn’t the same go for the ice cream bar because it has milk in it too? My internet’s going too slow to look this up.
(Ok I had to look it up: so yes the same goes for the ice cream bar. The bar probably has more fat, and manufactures add more sugar to low-fat products…you thought you were being healthy!)
As a rule of thumb:
4 grams = 1 teaspoon, and there’s about 7 grams of sugar NATURALLY in Greek yogurts (about 12 in non greek). The site says if you’re getting more than 20 grams of sugar, well daggumit, you eatin ice cream.
So be careful, health nuts. Read your labels and do your research. But not too much or you’ll reaaally go nuts.
For more information, visit:
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$2,000 for Bugs in My Pizza

It wasn’t even my pizza. It’s not even my money. But you know what? I’m still livid.
My friend who was holding two conversations at one time, paused her phone call to inform me of the baked insect atop the crust of her peperoni pizza. I did not hesitate to pull my phone out and take a picture, but I was stumped on where to post it. If you watch me on Youtube (Blossom the Creativist), you would know that I just made a video poking fun at those who spend money on food when a meal plan is already available to them. But this discovery made me eat my own words.
Mercer’s dining fails to impress me. One day, I see a roach in the cafeteria (which was a bit disgusting and made me rethink why people respected this school, but I got over it because I’ve got roaches in my own house), another day I hear that the workers in the cafe are most likely ex-convicts from a nearby prison (convict-exchnge program? What is this nonsense?), then I see a bug in my friend’s food. All for the price of +$2,000.
And let’s not forget the hours. The dining hall is impractical on the weekends with its intermittent business hours, and it’s even worse on breaks. For instance, take a gander at the schedule for Fall Break weekend.

The Caf (aka Fresh Food Co.) is the only place open on Saturday. If you happen to sleep in because you partied too hard on Friday, and your hangover wakes you up at 1:00, your first meal of the day will be at 5:00.
On that same token, if you are as equally “irresponsible” and don’t check the hours before eating lunch at 5:00, you’ll realize at 8pm that your lunch was actually your dinner because everything is closed.
I’m so fed up with this so-called “top-dollar private school”. Does being a private school mean the best education and the worst living and food conditions? Is that the trade off high school scholars are awared for having the grades and the money to accommodate the needs of the school? Why isn’t the school accomodating our needs in clean eating environments and CLEANER food?
I took the pizza–because my friend lacked the initiative to do so–and showed it to the food clerk to get this problem adressed. Honestly, I’m not that offended with the idea of bugs being hidden in my food. Peanut butter is actually loaded with grinded insect limbs. But the key word is hidden! There was no such attempt with this abomination!

(zoomed in screenshot of the monstrosity)
I hope things get better, but I know they won’t anytime soon. And if they do, I probably won’t even realize it. Who’s to say that this is actually a huge improvement from last year? I don’t know, but I don’t care. This is not much different from my small decrepit kitchen back home that costs a lot less than 2 grand a year. What’s going on, Mercer?

Why Are You Getting Sick?

New school year, new teachers, new people, and most importantly, new germs. The past few weeks have been blissful for some, but others probably were retching their guts out or in bed blowing the color out of their noses. Although being 100 percent healthy 100 percent of the time is quite difficult, preventing illnesses is by all means feasible, but in order to prevent, you should be familiar with what’s causing you to get sick.

1.      Your immune system sucks.

Maybe you don’t include enough Vitamin C in your diet. Maybe you don’t eat enough fruits in general. The Cafe at Mercer serves this wonderful knock-off detox water that is more nutritious and tastier than ordinary water. Additionally, Mercer’s cafeteria has a rack of fruits waving at you right when you walk in. It’s not illegal to eat one now and take one for later.

2.      Your immune system sucks BECAUSE you eat/drink too much sugar.

Research states that consuming 8 grams of sugar, or about two cans of soda, inhibits white blood cells, which are the cells in charge of combating evildoers in your body, as told by White blood cells rely on vitamin C to help prevent illnesses. Unfortunately, vitamin C and sugar share similar compositions. So the more sugar you drink, the less space there is for vitamin C in your immune cells, and the more sick days you take until your A drops below an F. If you really need the sweets, consider buying fruits, nature’s candy.

3.      You don’t sanitize/wash your hands before you eat.

You know what’s also waving right at you when you walk into the dining hall? An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. We’ve noticed hundreds of people walking in to the dining hall with hands that have touched germ-infested keyboards, bikes, doorknobs, steering wheels, people—and they cannot seem to grasp why they get sick. Whatever you’re reading this on—a laptop, a tablet, a phone—is home to a billion germs, and if you’re reading this while eating, you’re simply welcoming those germs to a new place to stay for a while. And another thing, be careful when you’re eating and completing work at the same time. Do you remember how many times you’ve dropped your pen on the floor that’s coated with whatever’s at the bottom of your shoe? That textbook you’re renting, do you know if the person before you was always sick (because he was sleep-deprived, another reason your immune system sucks) and sneezed every single day in that book? Do you have all the answers? No, so go wash your hands.

4.      You touch yourself too much.

If you’re familiar with how germs travel, you would understand why it’s important to keep your hands away from your face. Not only does that cause breakouts, but it practically makes the germs’ lives easier by having a car to drive up to your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth instead of traveling by foot. If you’re too lazy to wash your hands before you eat, at least avoid touching the food. Avoid finger foods and use utensils (subsequently leading you to healthier foods like salad and yogurt, a win-win).

5.      You hang around with people that are sick.

Alright, so we’re not implying to ditch your infected, disgusting friends, but we are advising you to be proactive and think of consequences. Do you really need to share a bag of chips or a water bottle from the same friend that’s hacking out mucus every five seconds? You need to be extremely cautious with your friends in order to still be their friends remain healthy as well. Try your best to physically avoid them when you can, because even breathing the air they’ve sneezed in will get you sick. But if you can’t, invest in Emergen-C, vitamin supplements, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

6.      You don’t cover your mouth.

Karma does exist! If you’re shooting your illnesses into the air that people are forced to breathe, one day you will surely reap what you sow. If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth, but not with just your hand. You could sneeze in your hand and forget to wash it and touch a door knob and then what do you know, you get Lebron James sick because Michael got sick because he touched a door knob before touching his nose(My Wife and Kids reference).

Instead of germs, share this article instead. Help enlighten your ill friends so they understand why you’re avoiding them. These tips are not as obvious as they are to others, so by helping them, you’re also helping yourself build a better immune system, earn better grades, and become a better friend.

And if your friends don’t read, show them this instead:

For more information, visit:

How to Have a Productive School Year

more productive
I never had a problem with getting good grades. In fact, I’d beat myself up if I ended up with a B in a class (up until senior year when I ended up having the least amount of sleep each year and developed a “screw-the-world-imma-become-a-stripper” attitude. As a top-ten ranked student of my school, I figure I had enough credibility to share my words of wisdom with those who seek.
1. Join Clubs
I love being busy. I love having things to do, people to see, food to eat. And I accomplished all of this by either joining clubs or forming clubs. My pride and glory was Asian Culture Club because I sculpted a mundane hangout of chinese kung fu movies and anime to game nights and karaoke nights, and boy that club kept me busy. I would try and finish up my work as swiftly yet efficiently as I can to do the fun work: engaging in my clubs. Not only did I force myself to learn how to time manage, but I racked up on leadership opportunities for my resume, and volunteer hours for my schoo,l and was invited to this yummy delicious banquet in honor of meeting the school’s requirement of community service. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone and stealing their food too!
2. Make Friends that Share…Food
Speaking of food, don’t be skipping breakfast because you’re late. Boy: when I was hongry, I wasn’t doing any type of work until my stomach was fed. If you’re constantly scraping your purse for some greens, try scaveging for friends who share food! My homegirl always had some type of snack on her, and it’s actually best to snack on something when you just need a little brain boost or motivation (or distraction).
3. You Have No Free Time
If the bell rings for the final bell and you’re going home and you just finished eating your second lunch (because I can’t operate with only one lunch a day), and you think you don’t have anything to do, you’re wrong. Look for scholarships. Summer internships. Volunteer work over school breaks. Get your teeth cleaned. Do something you’re good at doing and make it better. Clean your room and sell what you don’t need on eBay. Grow fruit and veggies. Go study what you learned today. Study for the ACT/SAT. There’s always something to do.
4.  Use Your Phone for Other Things!
I don’t advise this if you have a phone battery like Krillin, dying all the time like mine. But if you’re more fortuitous, use apps to help you study and organize your life.
Get a to-do list app. I use Color Note for the android (team no cracked phone, unlike many Apple users) and what’s beautiful about this app is not only can you write just simple notes, not only can you also make to-do lists, not only can you PIN the to-do list to your status bar so it’s there like a voicemail notification that doesn’t go away until you delete the voicemails, BUT you can also change the colors of the notes! This app is extremely useful and it never goes away because I always have things to do.
Use electronic flashcards. Y’all. Stop wasting trees. It’s 2015 now, make your flashcards digital! You can use StudyBlue, Quizlet or any other free app and flash your cards during downtime, when you’re waiting for your ride, or when you’re on the bus. I prefer Studyblue over quizlet because (I’m a hipster) on the desktop version, you can type in a word and it’ll sugggest a gazillion definitions for you from many users and you can take their definitions or combine all of them and paraphrase: that way you’ll have a better understanding of the word because you’ve seen the definition a gazillion times.
Get a calendar app. I ditched that agenda years ago because I never looked at it. My calendar app that came with my Samsung phone is fine, and I’m always on my phone. I can make reminders on it and schedule my every-other-tuesday meetings. It wasn’t broke so no need for fixin’.
Now, this list is in no order of importance, but I do think this one is essential:
 I know I speak for everyone when I say that the main two things that make me not want to do anything are lack of food and not knowing how to do my work.
YOUR TEACHERS ARE TEACHERS FOR A REASON. LET THEM DO THEIR JOB. You don’t understand something? Ask them! Don’t be scared to get a good grade in a class, because that’s pretty much what you’re doing if you’re relying on Jesus or Buddha to ask the teacher question. Yes, there are such a thing as a dumb question. Yes, you may feel like an idiot once you ask a question with the answer in the gosh-darn question. Yes, people may laugh or scoff or scold at you, but who will laugh when you turn out to be Numbah Five in your class?
And we all know when you don’t know how to do something, you have a “better reason for slacking off and not doing it.” You can also try Khan Academy (he talks too much for me so I read the transcripts on his website and read the script and find what I’m looking for a lot faster), I think is cool, works wonders, and Google is your best friend!
Any studying tips to share? What works for you?
Additional tips:
Make smart friends
Take reward breaks (e.g if you study for an hour, take a 30 minute break and snack)
Use a sleep timer calculate to calculate the best time to wake up and not feel grouchy:
If you have to write a paper and need to have two windows open to do so, split screen by clicking on a window and then use windows key +  LEFT arrow, and then select the other window and do windows key + RIGHT arrow.Try it now!
Thanks for reading!